Indispensable and functional components in the industrial field

control cable is compact and simple. Therefore it is easy to adjust and can achieve work improvement.

control cable is excellent in transmitting work force function to focus point. Safe and credible to operate.

control cable widely range from parts to processing method. Possible to respond various style of designing

the designing cost, the product price & replacing cost is low.

Examples of Use

Car Steering vertical adjusting cable
Window regulator cable
Seat adjusting cable
Fuel filler release cable, Deck release cable
Door latch cable etc
Agricultural Machine Clutch cable
Accelerator cable
Auto Return cable
Sensor cable
Marker cable etc
Construction Machine Inching cable
Accelerator cable
Choke cable etc

Main Component Parts

Outer Casing

CL type & CA type flat wire outer casing
SP type straight wire outer casing
CD type Double-wire outer casing
CW type braided outer casing
CR type round wire outer casing
Laser outer casing

Color Sample

Inner Cable

SWRH / SUS Galvanized & Stainless steel wire ropes
Slick type wire ropes
Plastic coated steel wire ropes